Laws Of Mendel On Herdity, Dominance And Segregation

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Since Mendel‘s time. scientists have added to his fundamentals and have linked such processes 11% meiosis as well as mitosis to his findings. Modern genetics has explored crossing over. non... Continue reading →

14 Math Unitary Method, Ratio, Percentage And Answers

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1. A father can do a job as fast as two sons working together. If one son does the job alone In three hours and other does it alone in six hours, how many hours does it take the father to do job... Continue reading →

Organisms And Populations: Classification, Schema, Aristotle Etc

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Previous chapters have dealt basically with how the organisms function mostly at the molecular ievel. We now explore organism-level stmcture-and. therefore, function-and on a grander tale. the biology... Continue reading →

Molecular Genetics DNA And Evolution

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<b>DNA</b> controls the life of the cell by controlling the manufacture of proteins and is the material of the genes that are integral pans of the chromosomes. These proteins are used... Continue reading →

Reasons Why Smoking Cigarettes In Public Should Be Banned

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Everybody knows smoking is injurious to health. Smoking harms the smoker and also harms the people around him. Do we have the right to hann others and ourselves by our irresonable behaviour?... Continue reading →

Composition On Housing Problem In Bangladesh And Solutions

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Human life is full of necessities. Amongst them there are three basic, necessities of human life: food, clothing and housing. The last one has become a great problem nowadays and is possibly the most... Continue reading →

My Experience On A Journey By Bus In 2016

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A bus is a modern and motorized transport. A journey by bus is quick and comfortable. It is interesting too. It is very common, easy and popular, Nowadays, every man can have the experience of a... Continue reading →

The Most Common Problems In Dhaka City, Bangladesh

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I live in Dhaka city. This cityb is beset with lot of problems. Almost all the problems are man-made. The problems in the city are causing a great inconvenience to our life. Failure of electricity... Continue reading →